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Educational visit to the “Indian Veterinary Research Institute-Bangalore"

Educational visit to the  “Indian Veterinary Research Institute-Bangalore (IVRI)”
DATE- 19 August 2016

Biology students  of  class 12 DPSBN visited IVRI Bangalore as a part of their educational visit.Established in 1889, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) is one of the premier research institutions dedicated to livestock research and development of the region. Dr. Dechamma spoke to the students about the establishment and motto of IVRI.

The team of scientists along with the Joint Director MR. Aniket Sanyal explained the current research activities of IVRI pertaining to improvement of in-use FMD vaccine. Under Inter-Institutional collaboration, the institute is working on evaluation of selected FMD Virus strains for their potential as vaccine.

Students were briefed on topics such as -

  •         ELISA-(by Dr.Suresh)
  •         PCR(by Dr.Gangadhar)
  •        Electrophoresis(by Dr.Umapati)
  •       Vaccine production(by Dr.Srinivas)

Where they had hands on experience.

It was a very informative and interactive workshop, where students could think out of the box and learn beyond the textbook knowledge.

Students got a chance to visit a negative pressure lab where-

  •         Bacteria were cultured in order to produce vaccine for foot and mouth disease (in cattle)
  •        Students walked into an incubator room
  •        Step wise production of vaccines along with its machinery (bioreactors and fermenters) was explained.

While working on DNA replication, students were exposed to working with the ‘DNA amplifier’ machine.

On the whole it was a once in a life time opportunity for the students of DPSBN. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

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